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Here is a bunch of useful resources for doing research

Interesting Weblinks

IT Resources

LaTeX Resources for Scientific Journals in Ecology

EcoTeX by Mathieu Basille and myself provides LaTeX style files (.sty, .bst) that, we hope, are ready-to-use for sumbission for an ever growing list of journals in ecology. Please feel free to comment / to correct it and visit EcoTeX for more details about how to use the files.

  1. American Naturalist [Example] [Package]
  2. Behavioural Ecology [Example] [Package]
  3. Ecography [Example] [Package]
  4. Ecology Letters [Example] [Package]
  5. Ecology (ESA) [Example] [Package]
  6. Journal of Animal Ecology & Journal of Applied Ecology [Example] [Package]
  7. Journal of Wildlife Management [Example] [Package]
  8. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B Series [Example] [Package]
  9. Wildlife Biology [Example] [Package]

Data Analyses

Open Source Softwares

U-CARE & E-SURGE for GNU / Linux